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Welcome to percent to decimal, our website explaining the percentage to decimal conversion. Here we show you two easy ways how to do the math, along with comprehensive examples. If you have been looking for a percent to decimal calculator, then you have come to the right place, too. Right below you can find our converter, the calculation is explained a bit further down.

Percent to Decimal Calculator

The use of our convert percent to decimal calculator is simple: Enter your number without %, our tool does the math automatically. No need to press the button, unless you want to start over.

Result is...

In case the result contains parentheses, the sequence denoted in () stands for the indefinitely repeating decimal digits. E.g. 33 1/3% to decimal = 0.(3), which means 0.333… .

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In the next part we show you how the result is produced.

How to Convert Percent to Decimal

We are going to show you two methods to change a percentage to decimal notation; it is noteworthy that the steps in the second procedure can be carried out without a calculator.

1. Take away the % sign, then divide the percent by 100:

For example: 40%

40% → 40
40 → 40/100
40/100 = 0.4

40% to decimal = 0.4

2. Remove the % symbol, next move the decimal point 2 places to the left:

For example: 55.8%

55.8% → 55.8
55.8 → 5.58 → 0.558

55.8% to decimal = 0.558

For the second approach to work, you may need to insert a decimal point and zeroes as needed.

For example: 7%:

  • 7: percent sign removed
  • 0.7: “.” and first “0” inserted; decimal digit has been moved one place to the left
  • 0.07: second “0” inserted; decimal digit has been moved two places to the left

7% to decimal = 0.07

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Convert a Percent to a Decimal

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